About the profile

About the profile

Specialists in Diabetes research


With proven psychometric and operational performance the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) which is a diabetes-specific patient reported outcome measures (PROM) of the pyschological and behavioural impact of living with diabetesis reported to have very good face and content validity with simply phrased and relevant items all specific to patients living with diabetes.

Analysis and interpretation 

As well as providing you with valid diabetes-specific patient reported outcome (PRO) data of the psychological impact of living with diabetes through use of the DHP, we are  able to help you at all stages of your clinical trials and outcome studies including an accurate interpretation of what the data show and what the implications are. Our services include:

  • Strategic advice including research and trial design
  • Psychometric evaluation
  • Endpoint model development
  • Interpreting DHP outcome data
  • Unique data presentation and communication service

Diabetes Debate

Keith Meadows - Founder
Keith Meadows - Founder

Diabetes Health Profile Scores are Associated with Diabetes-related Complication...

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Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

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