Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

Diabetes-related consultancy and training services


Training Room

We are dedicated to promoting high-quality diabetes translational research through consultation, training, and mentoring in clinical research methods applicable to diabetes.

1. Assistance and consultation to investigators at multiple stages of research design and implementation:

  • Literature review
  • Conceptual and endpoint model development
  • Survey instrument design
  • Instrument recommendation
  • Focus group discussions
  • Patient and HCP in-depth interviews
  • Cognitive interviews
  • Manuscript developmet

2. Training in research methods specific to diabetes-related research:

  • mentoring of trainees from multiple disciplines in diabetes-related clinical research projects
  • structured seminar/workshop program for diabetes clinical research trainees

Our training is a combination of theory together with a mixture of presentations and problem-based group work delivered with a relaxed –hands on approach. Throughout each workshop, delegates are provided with exercises designed to reinforce the learning and assist in assessing their understanding of the key principles of the topic.

In addition we offer:
A programme of Public Courses. We can also come to your organisation and provide in-house training ranging from our tailored training to “off the shelf” modules which we can deliver at a time and location suitable for you.

Tailored training

Our training can be tailored to suite your company’s specific needs and is facilitated through a number of formats including traditional taught courses, workshops, seminars and discussion groups. Our trainers are highly experienced practicing researchers. Bespoke events usually involve 15-20 participants although events can range from one-to-one or small group mentoring.

We offer a comprehensive range of training including:

Patient reported outcome (PRO) and patient reported experience (PRE) measures
The different types of information we can get from a PRO/PREM, how is a PRO/PREM developed? choosing the right PRO/PREM – A review of the selection criteria including practicality, purpose of the study, validity and reliability, feasibility generic versus disease-specific, end-point and conceptual model development, interpreting and presenting PRO/PREM data.

Qualitative Research

Effective In-depth Interviewing and focus groups in health care including which technique to use, sampling, access and recruitment, developing the topic guide, using stimulus material, moderating focus groups, data preparation and analysis, practicing and developing the skills involved in the Discovery Interview technique and data analysis, building qualitative research skills for community, lay and patient representatives in health research.


Costs for tailored training will vary depending on location, duration and specific requirements including content. To discuss your requirements and a quote please contact

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Keith Meadows - Founder

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Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

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