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Communication between the patient and healthcare professional is important in helping influence the patient's behaviour and ability to self-care. However, evidence on the effectiveness of your care is often anecdotal. With content based on patient interviews and focus groups and expert opinion, the DHP provides you with a simple and cost-effective way to bridge the communication gap as well as measure the impact on the psychological and behavioural functioning of your patients.

Used in a range of clinical settings, cognitively simple, with proven psychometric and operational performance, high completion rates and taking only a few minutes to complete, integration of the DHP into the care process of your patients allows you to:

  • Measure improvement or decline in the psychological and behavioural functioning of your patients
  • Screen for unmet need
  • Assess treatment effectiveness
  • Enhance treatment adherence by improving  communication between you and your patients

Key characteristics of the DHP-1 and DHP-18

Psychometric summary


Appraisal of psychometric and operational performance criteria

Psychometric summary 2


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Keith Meadows - Founder
Keith Meadows - Founder

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