Research & Population Surveys

Research & Population Surveys

Sourcing data to support diabetes care and research


Although vital to patients welfare and health care, helping those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, undertaking research, community and population surveys of patients health status and quality of life requires a valid, reliable and simple to complete patient reported outcome (PRO).

Licensed by the UK Department of Health for their Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) Programme, and with content based on patient interviews, focus groups and expert opinion, the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) is a brief but comprehensive measure of the psychological and behavioural functioning of people living with diabetes.

The DHP has been used in a number of research projects, population and community surveys and is suitable for pairing with other health surveys to obtain an even more comprehensive measurement of the patient’s health status and quality of life

With established psychometric and operational performance and completion times of 7-12 minutes the DHP can support you to:

  • Measure improvement or decline in the psychological and behavioural functioning of your patients
  • Screen for unmet need
  • Assess treatment effectiveness
  • Assess intervention programmes

Key characteristics of the DHP-1 and DHP-18

Psychometric summary


Appraisal of psychometric and operational performance criteria

Psychometric summary 2

Diabetes Debate

Keith Meadows - Founder
Keith Meadows - Founder

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