The DHP-18 was developed for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes measuring the psychlogical impact of living with diabetes. It comprises 18 items which capture the three key domains based on the conceptual model and conceptual framework identified for the DHP-1. These are Psychological distress – 6-items (dysphoric mood, feelings of hopelessness, irritability); Barriers to activity 7-items ( perceived limitation to activity, operant anxiety) and Disinhibited eating 5-items (lack of eating control, response to food cues and emotional arousal). The observed Flesch Kincaid readability statistic is 4.5 for the DHP-1 and a Flesch reading ease is 83.0. The DHP-18 is suitable for people aged 16 years and older. Completion times are approximately 5-6 minutes.

The DHP-18 has demonstrated very good measurement properties including reliability coefficient >0.70, the ability to discriminate between different treatment groups and patient groups experiencing severe hypoglycaemic episodes. The DHP-18 has been used in community surveys, research studies and educational interventions both in the UK and Europe and is currently in use in a variety of settings including community surveys, clinical trials, and clinical audit involving in total over 4000 patients. User acceptability of the DHP-18 is high with item completion rates ≥90%.

The suitability of the DHP-18 for use with different treatment modalities enables direct comparison of patients quality of life across treatment groups or when for example assessing patients when transferring from tablet to insulin.

Conceptual Framework

Obtaining the DHP

All users of the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) are required to register and be approved for use.  Each distinct project requires a license granting the licensee use of the DHP. All users must have current authorisation to use the DHP in any setting or application. The DHP and related materials including manuals, scoring algorithms and licenses are not transferable and exclusively vest with DHP Research & Consultancy Ltd.

If you are thinking of using the DHP but would like to see it first, please click here (sample surveys) to download the UK English sample version of the DHP-1 and DHP-18. These versions are for inspection purposes only. All versions of the DHP are copyright.

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Licensing fees are determined on the basis of the user information provided and are dependent upon the type of study, funding source, sample size, number of administrations and languages. You are not obligated to purchase by registering.

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